See below for tips related to the creation of art as well as the business side of things.  When creating art, always follow appropriate safety measures.   

Favorite Ceramic Stores


I love Coyote Clay for their clays and glazes.  They have friendly and helpful customer service.


The Ceramic Store offers a wide selection as well as helpful hints.


Xiem offers fun tools that make throwing easier.


Big Ceramic Store is a great place for just about anything.



If you want to build a raku kiln, check out this book.  It has detailed directions on building the kiln as well as a clear crackle raku glaze recipe.


If I had not had the abilty to build a kiln, I think I would have bought this kit.

Kiln Vent


You should have a vent system on your electric kiln not only for safety but also for the longevity of your kiln sitter.  This website has a fantastic guide to helping you build a down draft vent for an electric kiln.


Skutt also sells a vent system.

Sink Waste


In order to prevent ceramic waste from going down the drain, here is an easy to install product.



Your health is valuable.  Be safe.  This is a great resource for understanding some of the potential hazards when creating art.

Business Help


For business startup, I started with Legal Zoom.


This wonderful website is hosted by 1&1.