Each piece is handcrafted by Lisa Kelley, typically starting on the potter's wheel. Each piece goes through at least the following steps: wedging the clay, wheel work, trimming and altering, drying, bisque fire, glazing, and then the final glaze fire. It is a labor of love and each work tells the story of its unique trip through the process. All stoneware works are functional and have been fired to cone 5 (about 2171 degrees F) in an electric kiln.  


Soap dishes, mouthwash cups, and jewelry bowls and dishes transform your bathroom vibe.  


Find mindfulness as you use unique kitchen tools from midpointart. Love being in the kitchen again.   


Are you also a creator of awesome? Perhaps a yarnbowl will help.  


Don't forget your pets! Midpointart creates pet bowls in small (~ 1/2 cup food), medium (~1 cup food) and large (~2 cups). These bowls are made a little on the heavy side so they are difficult to flip. 


Where Lisa tends to create single purpose items, you can also commission a set of dinnerware.


Show a special location through the use of latitude and longitude coordinates on any of our ceramic works. Contact us for details.