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Midpointart, LLC is located in Houston, TX, not only focuses on creativity but also the environment. The studio utilizes a pollution free, renewable energy product generated through 100% wind. See for more information. We also make every effort to recycle materials whenever possible, including paper, clay, packaging materials, etc.  


We frequent markets around Houston. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for dates and locations (don't forget to like us while you are there!). 


Contact us if you need additional buying options. We can deliver qualifying purchases within Houston and we can also ship your purchases via USPS (contact us for shipping prices). Lastly, if you would rather shop online, visit midpointart on etsy! While our stock is in constant flux, you can get an overview of our current ceramic stock on etsy. 


We are currently seeking a Houston venue. If you have a gallery or storefront and would like to see our works in your space, feel free to email us.


Lisa Kelley

artist statement

with quiet purpose


I will never be able to keep myself from dabbling in various art media. I enjoy the process of learning and I relish exploring something new. My art studio is a testament to this, with tubs of various tools neatly stacked.

Truly it was the birth of my son that made me focus my artistic efforts and find a groove. All the weighty and noble art criticism wafted away. It was time to simply get to work. My desire honed in to ceramics, then simple forms, then smooth and simple forms, but yet, a smooth and simple form with a quiet purpose. My desire is to create works of art that will be a part of your daily life. I want the work to have a conversation with you every day. I want that daily interaction to grow into a lifelong relationship. 

My favorite way to sell pottery is to place the work directly in the hands of the future owner. I want that moment of connection, with the work becoming the midpoint.

Once before I would have stated that my influences are wide and vast. But now, simple line, simple curve, quiet purpose. I desire to refine my works down to the simplest form and use this surface for calming glaze work. Life is busy; let's make this simple. Let's remember connection. Let's refine ourselves. 

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University of Houston - Clear Lake

Master of Arts in Humanities, Track II Images

Project Director: Professor Nick de Vries 



  • ClayHouston Member Show, Sabine Gallery, Houston, TX


  • ClayHouston Member Show, Gallery 100 Sawyer Yards, Houston, TX
  • Sacred Spaces/Holy Places, WPC, Houston, TX 
  • Body Image, Invitational and Juried, WPC, Houston, TX


  • ClayHouston Member Show, Tea+Art, Houston, TX
  • Transformation, Invitational, WPC, Houston, TX
  • Heart for Freedom, The Church, Houston, TX
  • Designed to Dine, Tea+Art, Houston, TX



  • Hope Series, Invitational, WPC, Houston, TX
  • ClayHouston Member Show, Tea+Art, Houston, TX
  • Genesis Series, Invitational, WPC, Houston, TX
  • Renewed Conversations, Invitational, Project Dormalou, Houston, TX



  • Write On!, Invitational, Project Dormalou, Houston, TX
  • Best of Show, Box 13 Art Space, Houston, TX
  • Beauty Enhanced, Two-Person Invitational, Rumor Has It Day Spa, Houston, TX 
  • Nourish, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Houston, TX
  • Texas Teapot Tournament, 18 Hands Gallery, Houston, TX



  • Lone Star Art Faculty Exhibition, Houston, TX
  • Dining-In, 18 Hands Gallery, Houston, TX
  • ClayHouston Show, 18 Hands Gallery, Houston, TX



  • HCP Student Print Sale, Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX



  • Printmaking and Art Furniture Exhibition, Invitational, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX



  • Body Image Invitational & Juried Exhibition, Invitational, TAACCL, TX
  • Art Exhibit, Alyson Jon, Houston, TX  
  • 3D: An Exhibition of Sculpture, In-Relief, In-the-Round, Installed, Invitational, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX


  • Open Door Series Winter Show, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX
  • High Fiber and Raw Materials, Invitational, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX



  • Open Doors Series Summer Show, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX
  • CCISD High School Art Educators Exhibition, The University of Houston-Clear Lake Art Gallery, Houston, TX


  • 10th Juried Photography Exhibition, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX
  • Geek Art, Invitational, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX
  • The Mentor Show, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX


  • Open Doors Series Winter Show, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX
  • Art by the Square Foot, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX
  • The Figurative Show, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX
  • Two-person Exhibition,The University of Houston-Clear Lake Art Gallery, Houston, TX
  • HPGCAMEO Emerging Artist Show, Houston Potters Guild Gallery, Houston, TX 
  • Summer Open, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX
  • Members Show, third place award, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX
  • Landscape, Seascape, and Dreamscape Show, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX


  • Hello Again!, Best of Show for Body of Work, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX
  • Summer Open, second place award, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX
  • Clay Collage, Invitational, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX


  • Winter Open, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX
  • Cars and Cigars Show, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX
  • Summer Open, TAACCL, Nassau Bay, TX
  • The Mentor Show, The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake (TAACCL), Nassau Bay, TX


ClayHouston (current member, previous secretary)


Lawndale Art Center


Museum of Fine Arts Houston


UHCL Art Association

Randy Kelley

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